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An emergency outage of mission-critical systems precipitated an engagement where Sigma Resources provided both IT project management and strategy services, as well as oversight of major infrastructure and operations investment.  Sigma was able to provide strategic leadership, management and oversight, as well as technical capabilities to the City.

An emergency outage of city-wide email systems prompted an introduction to the City leadership. An emergency PO was cut allowing for Sigma to engage in a 30-day recovery and advisory capacity. Our partnership with Harrisburg began with that effort.

Using highly experienced IT professionals, along with thought leadership by Sigma management, Sigma quickly assessed the situation and provided both strategic and tactical plans for mitigation.  As a first initiative, Office 365 as well as comprehensive upgrade of IT infrastructure was recommended, funded and approved.

Today, Sigma and Harrisburg are partnered in several milestone projects including a major upgrade to primary infrastructure including networking equipment, data center, hardware, communications bandwidth, social media and UX programs and surveillance/security efforts. Wifi is also being rolled out to the City to further enhance user productivity and information availability.

Future initiatives include the formation of a PMO service offering, the continuation of strategic thought leadership and an overall move to cloud-based computing. We anticipate Sigma’s involvement and overall engagement value to increase the IT capability of the City, with ultimate goal of setting Harrisburg on an “IT as a Service” path to success.


VSE / IDMS, Windows desktop and servers, COTS applications, O365, ETL, PowerBI, Cisco, Dell, IBM, Nortel, Comcast


Harrisburg is what the Commonwealth of PA terms an Act 47 city, indicating a state of financial strife and a managed approach to recovery. During the conditions that brought this financial turmoil about, IT was largely ignored, downsized and neglected.
Sigma has brought a forward looking, optimism to the city and has a distinct vision for moving technology forward. The value of this engagement has been cited by many leaders including the Mayor and most of his direct staff.

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