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PCI Compliance

Automotive & Aerospace

On-Prem Hosting, Multiple Commerce and IP Platforms

Automotive client realizes value in content

Sigma Resources outlined the strategy, as well as fully developed, a comprehensive content and document management solution for a customer in the automotive and aerospace engineering industry.  The solution allowed the customer to realize value and increase revenue by digitizing, categorizing, and publishing through multiple channels legacy content and documents in print form.

Realizing Value from Print to Digital Content


Sigma Resources worked with our client to assess, and become compliant, with the financial industry’s PCI standard.  Sigma helped to assess the client’s multiple intellectual property and commerce platforms, and outlined the approach to best secure the systems, applications, and infrastructure.  Risk assessment activities included both internal and external test of users and customers interacting with the multiple touch-points to the network and sensitive data.  Sigma also implemented recurring training for all of the client’s staff in regards to IT security, from business users to application developers.

As part of this project, the Sigma team assessed the compliance risks to the organization’s infrastructure, including application design, architectures, and computer systems.  Sigma coordinated the internal and external tests to provide fraud detection and prevention expertise on services to internal and external customers.  When initiating new projects and/or evaluating new vendor solutions, Sigma performs technical risk assessments at various points in the system life cycle, identifies areas of technical risk when translating operational requirements into system level requirements; and develops recommendations for potential methods of mitigating those risks.

Sigma managed the team, as well as external vendors, to provide the management policies, procedures and guidelines.


The technologies used by the client included Cisco, Oracle, Unix, Linux, and Windows infrastructure.  Intellectual property and commerce platforms included Java/J2EE architectures.


The client able to achieve PCI compliance for their infrastructure and applications.

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