Information Technology Services

Sigma helps clients use data and analytics to inform real-world business decisions.
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Information Technology Services

Information Technology (IT) is a significant expense for any organization. Infrastructure and operations typically make up most the total IT budget.

For the last two decades, Sigma specializes in aligning IT with business objectives by developing efficient, need-based systems that allow our customers to focus on their core mission.

  • Designing a solution that balances between operations, maintenance, enhancements, and new development to maximize the reliability, effectiveness, and accessibility of IT services while avoiding resource contention
  • Benchmarking performance against industry standards and best practices to create service delivery models that improve end user satisfaction and increase productivity
  • Concentrating persistently on quality assurance to lower costs and enhance the performance and effectiveness of our customer’s systems and services

Predictive Analytics

Cross Industry Standard Process for Data mining

Data Visualization

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting
Customer & Marketing Analytics
Enterprise Dashboards & Scorecards

Data Warehousing

Data Modeling
Data Integration
Data Migration
Data Profiling, Data Quality

Data Governance

Master Data Management
Data append and supplementation
Data integrity process & procedure


Local Government Unit Debt Act (LGUDA) database gets modernized

The local government unit debt act (LGUDA) provides the procedure for Pennsylvania’s local government units to issue debt and tax anticipation notes.

This information was originally managed thru a legacy database system implemented in Access 2.0 and Oracle RDBMS. After years of working with this ever-aging platform, DCED made the decision to bring this important application up to their otherwise modern standards.

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