Infrastructure & Operations

Sigma provides Infrastructure & Operations support so clients can focus on what they do best.

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years experience in application development

Infrastructure & Operations Services

Segmenting operations and infrastructure into a focused discipline allows our clients to focus resources on product and innovation activities.  We have help our clients reduce costs, implement industry best practices, optimize process, and automate functions.   Our operations and infrastructure services include help desk, network, database, and cyber security functions.  Additionally, we assist our clients with assessment and planning activities, such as assessment, technology roadmap, and modernization deliverables.

Assessment & Planning

  • Envisioning technology goals
  • Assessing current state of technology readiness
  •  Assessing current IT practices and staff skills
  • Identifying critical needs
  • Recommending strategies to bridge identified gaps
  • Creating a technology plan
  • Implementing change

Design Consulting

  • Data center optimization
  • Infrastructure consolidation
  • DR/BCP design
  • NOC/ SOC design
  • Help desk and support center design

Implementation and Migration

  • Data center optimization
  • Infrastructure consolidation
  • DR/BCP design
  • NOC/ SOC design
  • Help desk and support center design

Remote Infrastructure Management

  • Data Center Operations and Help Desk
  • Network & Server Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Security Management
  • Application Management
  • End- User support
  • Hosting


Automotive client realizes value in content

Sigma Resources outlined the strategy, as well as fully developed, a comprehensive content and document management solution for a customer in the automotive and aerospace engineering industry.  The solution allowed the customer to realize value and increase revenue by digitizing, categorizing, and publishing through multiple channels legacy content and documents in print form.

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