Records Management

Sigma helps clients manage content, intellectual property, and knowledge to streamline information flow.


Records Management Services

Content, intellectual property, and knowledge is being unlocked and leveraged within companies as they move from paper-based documentation to digital content.  This content represents additional revenue opportunities, input for content marketing strategies, and historical corporate knowledge that our clients are leveraging and building upon.  We provide strategy and implementation experience with content authoring, XML conversion, workflow, machine learning and classification, taxonomy, ontology, and content analytics services

Enterprise content management 

Content Authoring
XML Conversion

Document Management

Workflow and QA
Machine Learning / Classification

Web Content Management

Taxonomy / Ontology
Content Analytics


Automotive client streamlines information delivery

Sigma Resources outlined the strategy, as well as fully developed, a comprehensive content and document management solution for a customer in the automotive and aerospace engineering industry.  The solution allowed the customer to realize value and increase revenue by digitizing, categorizing, and publishing through multiple channels legacy content and documents in print form.

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